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Suspension Fork Adjustment Guide

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When it comes to cycling comfortably on your Honeywell electric bike, you have your suspension fork to thank! Suspension forks are shock-absorbent and light weight, making them a great choice for any cyclist riding on rougher terrain. The biggest question is how to adjust your suspension fork properly. On all models of the El Capitan and El Capitan X, you will find the suspension fork at the front of the bike. The top of the suspension fork has mechanisms to adjust both the preload and the lockout knobs.


Adjusting the Lockout Knob

When you “lockout” your suspension fork, you turn it from being more loose to being rigid. A rigid fork can make your ride more stable and predictable, which many people appreciate when they are traveling with cargo. However, people using the El Capitan or El Capitan X models to ride in the mountains or on rough terrain will typically prefer a less rigid fork.


The knob to adjust your lockout is located on the right side of your suspension fork, change your lockout knob to either “locked” or “open” depending on your preference.


Determine Your Preload

The preload impacts how much force it takes for the springs of your ebike to begin compressing your suspension fork. Basically, the preload is the amount of sagging or movement that your springs will allow when your bike is resting with your weight on it. A high preload will take a lot more pressure to compress your springs, making your shock system more resistant. This is preferred for people riding on smooth terrain. At the same time, a low preload will make your brake system less resistant and absorb more shock. People riding in the mountains or on rough terrain tend to prefer this!


Your preload dial should be on the left side of your suspension fork on both the El Capitan and El Capitan X. First ensure the lockout knob is unlocked. Then adjust the preload knob toward the "+" to stiffen or "-" to soften depending on your preference.